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pearls and spikes,

I’m just guessing here, but I equate the ladies shoe department in department stores to the wine list in fine restaurants. It’s where the money is made.

Buying shoes is as easy as ordering a glass of Prosecco and just as delicious. The last several years has seen a boon of new designers and interesting concepts in how one can adorn the foot. Besides being a sunglasses junkie I have a serious, god-help-me, footwear fetish.

I spiral quickly out of control  feeling the panic of “I-need, I-want, I-have-to-have” amongst the leather, studs, stilettos and ankle straps that are beautifully displayed and whispering “buy me” on the sales floor. I broke out into a sweat just yesterday inside Neiman’s with my Brooklyn friend, Hillary.


After fueling ourselves at Farmshop, Hillary was in pursuit of jeans; Me, of pearls. Hillary is the wiser one finding her perfect pair at the gap for $35. She bargain shopped at Zara, J. Crew, Madewell and Guess. I, on the other hand headed straight for Chanel. No bargain there and swooned over the above pearl festooned platforms. And just-like-that got distracted with Giuseppe Zanotti’s spiked kitten heels.

Nothing says Gemini like pearls and spikes. Wish I could pick a side and stick to it. It sure would save me a lot of money.

What’s worth every penny however, is spending the day with a friend. We all get caught up in our day-to-day work grind, but it’s essential to cherish the ones we love and take the time to reconnect. Friendship trumps shoes any day.

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    Love the Giuseppe Zanotti’s spiked kitten heels! I’m happy to hear that you made time to hang out with your friend. It’s a big part of what keeps me sane. xo

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