Cinco De Mayo No Mas

stylish-sombreroYesterday on my way to yoga I passed a guy in a Sombrero. I was thrown for a second until I remembered that, good god, tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: I am horrified by nationally sanctioned ‘holidays’ that provide excuses for large groups to gather and get drunk. And yes, I especially odiar Cinco De Mayo.

This has nothing to do with age. For the record, I felt this way when I was in my 20s. And 30s. And 40s.

It’s just so amateur hour. I’ll never forget the one time I caved, back in the 80s, and went to Pat Oshea’s Mad Hatter for you guessed it, St. Patrick’s Day. Geary Street in San Francisco’s Richmond district is dotted with Irish pubs and was ground zero for all St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans, complete with crowd cones and police barriers. Long lines snaked out of every bar on the boulevard, sloppy loud groups in green slurring and swaying towards the door. It got far worse once inside, as I waded through ale ankle deep.

Get me out of here.

Thank god I’m safely perched a mile up-hill from the nearest bar. After having lived across the street from one for the past sixteen years, I am counting my blessings…uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco….

Back to sombrero. At least it’s inspired some pretty great hats. Adios.

cool sombreros1: Save The Queen straw hat, 2: Lanvin Wide Brim hat, 3: Yarn Floppy Hat, Topshop. 4: Eugenia Kim Black Jodi open-weave brim sun hat, LibertyLondon 5: Littledoe Cherry pom pom hat, Avenue32. 6: Philip Treacy hat, Farfetch.

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    Lisa Valenzuela

    I agree with your loathing of “nationally sanctioned ‘holidays’ that provide excuses for large groups to gather and get drunk”, however, Pat Oshea’s Mad Hatter will forever hold a very special place in my Irish heart!

    1. Paula

      Me too Lisa! Spent many formative years there — especially loved listening to Tom Kane’s “Inside Out”/”The Book” play there, and loved the fact that no makeup was ever required — the bar was set pretty low! oxox

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