Don’t Talk To the Hand — See Through It!

The next time you can’t find your readers, don’t pound the table with your fist — look through it!

Since we’ve been on the topic of reading glasses and how integral they are to our middle-age life,  what can you do if  you can’t find yours and you urgently need to read something like the price-tag on those Prada oxfords or how many steps you’ve taken on your FitBit?  Not being able to read can be one of the most awful, humbling experiences ever, and to feel this helpless just plain sucks. Nothing like piling one middle-aged malady on top of another — misplacing stuff, and not being able to see what you’ve misplaced.


Which is why this simple, free and easy solution is so life changing: curl your hand into a fist, look through the hole and viola! You can read. I know — I also have some swamp-land to sell you! But this trick seriously works. When you use your fist like a pinhole camera, it focuses the light so your eye doesn’t blur the objects.

Here is the demo from Lifehacker, which by the way is one of my favorite nerdy sites ever, full of tips of how to do get random stuff done.

I couldn’t try this fast enough.

Do you know how incredible this is? I’ve had minor panic attacks over being somewhere without readers. Happens a lot in restaurants, and let me tell you, nothing is more mortifying than asking a colleague or friend to read me the menu, which reduces me to both baby and old lady at the same time. But now, I have this crutch, this thing I can do no matter what to help me get by in a pinch. Or in this case, a fist.

So ladies, raise that fist in the air! You will no longer be held hostage by your eyes again.


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