Elsa at the Oscars

schiaparelli montage, blankstareblink.com

The fashion editor-laden planes have landed, while the models taxi down the runways of Paris Fashion Week. Celebrity stylists have traveled the globe from New York to London to Milan and now Paris watching hawk-like for that last minute magical gown to help their star truly shine. This pageantry will all end on Sunday at the 86th Academy Awards.

Ever since January, when the first Schiaparelli collection in 60 years was shown, I’ve been wondering if there will be a red carpet starlet witty and confident enough to answer that “Who are you wearing” question posed from an inane, overly tanned and bright-teethed correspondent with a  “SCHIAPARELLI!”

Elsa Schiaparelli has had many firsts, but a dress at the Oscars — this would most certainly be one, at least for this generation.

My toe crossed shoes are, well…crossed.


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  1. aratner@nyc.rr.com'

    What a great video! Always been a fan of her designs since I saw a retrospective of them at a museum years ago. She’s was so ahead of the pack. But I’m sure they’ll all play it safe so as not to be skewered by Joan Rivers.

  2. hillaryfrileck@mac.com'

    That video was really awesome! When I saw the post saying Elsa, I admit my first thought was Klensch, not Schiaparelli. Remember her? I used to watch her show all the time as a teen!

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