FPSA (fashionable public service announcement)

Usually a little “me time” consists of a glass of wine while I’m begrudgingly making another salad for another dinner that I have to feed my family, while simultaneously approving the viewing of Phineas and Ferb or Adventure Time to distract my two kids from bickering.

But my favorite “me time” is always with my closet. It rarely if ever happens, always being trumped by having to organize, schedule and yell at my kids. But crazily, last week on Tuesday, instead of the five minutes I give myself to get dressed every day, resulting in the same boring outfit, I had an extra twenty minutes to play in my closet.

I’ve had this revelation before—that spending time with your clothes is actually important, but it’s always forgotten until I get that reprieve from rushing and can fool around with looks.

I have a lot of clothes, but a lot of clothes doesn’t always mean style. Style takes time and experimentation. Happily, I landed on this combo quickly, and am so excited to remind you and everyone else to be selfish once in a while and play with your clothes. Our kids’ play dates aren’t the only things we should scheduled. And really, our closets need some love, and should not be taken for granted.

On this particular day, it was 82° and felt like Summer. I grabbed a Yigal Azrouël dress that’s been in my wardrobe for a year and never worn, and a Chris Benz fishtail skirt also with the same story, never worn. Forgotten and ignored no more. They’re my new favorites, just like they were when I bought them in Brooklyn. Thank You Father Time for your generous gift of a few more minutes. Look what I did with it! And dear, sweet closet, I look forward to spending more quality “me-time” with you, with our without that glass of wine.

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