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why be normal, blankstareblink.comLast week I had a full-on normcore vacation…skiing. Instead of my usual packing anxiety, I felt relief in knowing for 5-days straight I’d be wearing the same indescribable all-black Burton ensemble of helmet, goggles, parka and pants from 9 till 4.

Completely faceless, nameless and ignored while on the mountain.

I was so into not thinking about what I was going to wear, that I packed just two aprés outfits to relax in. An all-grey jean/sweater/fur/boot combo. And of course, the prerequisite all black jean/sweater/fur/boot combo. I’ve never packed lighter in my life and my husband kept asking, “Why is my bag so much heavier than yours?”

I barely left the house after being on the mountain, opting instead to stay inside, take late-afternoon naps still in my thermal underwear, too tired and worn out to even peel them off before nodding off. I devoured You Before Me and drank copious amounts of hot chocolate.

I enjoyed my normcore vacation, but I’ve never been normal even clad in normcore ski-wear. Paula’s post reminded me of that 1980’s denim jacket staple — remember the Why Be Normal button? The motto still applies…to me anyway. Available on ebay or on your trip down memory lane. Make sure to get off at the ’80s.

1980's buttons,

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