Going Grey? Think Pink.

pink hair kays office 2

Pink Hair by Jubilee. Top by T by Alexander Wang.

There is so much ironic about this post title, I don’t know where to start.

Perhaps at the top.

I love to eat pink food – cotton candy, Pink Popcorn (those stale bricks of faded red popcorn sold at carnivals and state fairs, typically lined up in the sun in front of the register), gummy hearts, cherry-frosted donuts. But I never, ever wear pink. Pink screams, or rather whispers, girly. And pink or any flower pastels transform me into a mental wall flower, a bland brand of a woman that just washes into the background until I don’t even exist.

pink popcorn


As I’ve noted in prior posts, I’m deep in the trenches in my battle against grey hair, and losing. By ground attack, water assault and drone strikes, those greys keep advancing, destroying my dome. My poor brown follicles have surrendered and now don the drab, grey uniform of the old enemy.

It’s not even a fair fight. Somehow men with grey temples look distinguished, sexy even. Women are not blessed with “going grey” as a positive older attribute, especially people like me, who work in marketing around people half my age. And truth be told, I look awful with grey hair. I just do. I’d kill to be one of the many women who look stunning with grey hair, but you can’t have everything.

But wait, why not? Since when do I give up so easily? This means war.

Thierry Lasry sunglasses from Susan. Jslow helped pick them out.

Thierry Lasry sunglasses from Susan. Jslow helped pick them out.

So I stormed into Hair Candy in the Mission to see Jubilee, my hair stylist and comrade, and we plotted our attack. Our strategy involved pressing the most benign of colors, pale pink, into action to win the fight against grey. And you know what? It’s winning!


• Pink plays well with the greys when they bust in, so I don’t have those awful days between appointments when my dark hairs just give up. Less contrast = more alluring.

• Speaking of contrasts, I do love the contrast between light pink hair and my dark eyes. I now play them up by darkening my eyebrows, which I love. Thanks Stacy!

• Surprisingly, pink works well with most skin tones, and softens me up considerably.

• And to that end, I’ve been told I look “more youthful”. Which never gets old.

• It makes me feel fun, pretty, different, and more me than I think I ever have. Pink? Yeah, pink!

Ladies, I’m not saying everyone should try pink, but maybe it’s time to use this time of our lives to experiment with color, since our own hair is experimenting on us against our will. Lavender, light green — hell, maybe it’s time to a turn becoming a “blue haired lady” into a complement.

So now that I’ve invited pink to my head, I’m obsessed with inviting pink into my closet, where grey holds court. Yes, while I loathe my grey hair, I do love grey apparel. Go figure.

Pink fashions blankstareblink

1: Moschino skirt, Net-A-Porter. 2: Issey Miyake pink Bao Bao Bag, Matches. 3: Wildfox pink kitten sunglasses, Bloomingdales. 4: Pink Birkenstocks, Modcloth. 5: MSGM faux fur jacket, Farfetch. 6: Vivetta oversized pink coat, ModaOperandi.

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  1. mistyshakleford@gmail.com'

    I want to stop dying my (85% of my head) white hair dark brown, but the growing out period makes you look crazy lol Especially if you have long hair like I do. I’m not ready to get a short cut , I’m only 44. And my aunt has shoulder length white hair that looks beautiful. Mine is thick and healthy, despite it’s lack of pigment lol I’m torn and can’t make up my mind.

    And I agree about the great coat! I’ve got a couple of white fox coats that I haven’t worn in years and a Nutria (!) 70s coat I got off Craigslist for $5 I’ve never worn. I’m going to go dig them out!

    1. Paula

      Hi Misty, and thanks so much for writing.My hair started going grey years ago, actually in my late 20s, so this has been an on-going battle. My natural hair color is dark brown, but the contrast with the grey just makes me look tired — and I got so tired of dying my roots every single week. So many women look beautiful with grey hair, but sadly, I’m not one of them. You are blessed to have long, thick, healthy hair — maybe you go “hombre” — just dye the top near the roots lighted, leave the length darker. I guess the best part is it’s not permanent if you don’t like it — and thankfully, there is “the hat”. Good luck! And yes, dig out those furs! xoxo

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