I Want To Be a Second Chance Bride

I was never that little girl that dreamed of my wedding day and what I’d be wearing walking down the aisle. I did believe in finding my soul mate, but the perfect white dress…not really. Consequently, my wedding day was a disaster. All mixed messages and confusion fighting to fit neatly into the role of bride. Luckily I got the husband part right and that’s far more important than any combination of tulle and lace.

Really, the only aisle I’ve ever dreamed of walking down comes covered with a red carpet, even more so since that ill-fated styling disaster called “here comes the bride”. But since I don’t believe in renewing vows, I’d like to renew my vow to make a statement in another kind of gown while everyone’s watching me.

This dream was solidified while watching the Golden Globes arrival on Sunday night. Not only were the ladies stunning, but did you realize it was a night of women well over 40 killing it one after the other? There are benefits with age and one of those benefits is feeling comfortable in our aged skin, standing confidently in who we are. I’d take walking down the aisle as a woman well over 40 any day compared to that 26 year old girl that was playing bride and well, not really bringing it.

This is how you bring it. A sampling of age in the spotlight.

2014 golden globes, blankstareblink.com

Cate Blanchet 44, Naomi Watts 45, Julia Roberts 46,Sandra Bullock 49, Julia Louis Dreyfus 53, Julianna Margulies 47, Emma Thompson 54, Jessica Lange 64, Helen Mirren 68.

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