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As I continue to follow New York Fashion Week on Instagram, one of the more exciting developments I’ve discovered is the Fall 2014 launch of Eugenia Kim shoes. EK SHOES!!!! Like seriously this time!  I’ve been a huge fan of Eugenia Kim since she launched her signature hat business well over a decade ago, circa 1998 or something like that, and remember a few pairs of Eugenia Kim shoes hitting the shelves in the early 2000’s. But just as fast as her shoes were in stores, they were gone.

Any time I traveled to New York, well before I was lucky enough to live there, I’d hustle down to the Lower East Side and visit her little workshop/boutique and buy what I could afford and what looked good on my pinhead. The shop closed a lifetime ago, but she’s continued her line and expanded to accessory world domination, capped by being awarded the “Accessories Designer of the Year” by the CFDA. I was so proud to have discovered Eugenia Kim so long ago, and happy she gained the recognition she deserved.  Which is why I was so horrified to see her original designs ripped off and used for profit by huge labels. But we all know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however I’d rather have the original any time.

Now, every fashion empress from London to Russia sports a Eugenia Kim chapéu…as they should. And it was with one of the Russian fashion elite’s—Anya Ziourova, Fashion Director of Tatler Russia, that Eugenia Kim shoes was, I guess, re-launched, but with a more grown up and sophisticated perspective. Soon, we’ll all be wearing Eugenia Kim shoes! Head-to-toe EK perfection! But, hey Eugenia, I know you’re a accessories designer, but what about the parts in-between? Please don’t leave us naked!

Eugenia Kim shoe launch,

Your guess is as good as mine as to what lucky stores will be carrying EK shoes. A good place to find all things officially Eugenia Kim is at  And to read more about EK shoes and see some of the sketches visit

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