Joseph Altuzarra and his Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat

joseph altuzarra and his technicolor dream coat,

Ever since we moved to Los Angeles, my daughter started finding her voice far faster than her mom. She joined school chorus on her first day at a new school, began taking voice lessons at the School of Rock while strumming her electric guitar, and as of last Thursday, auditioned for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. I love listening (and sneaking peeks of) her getting lost in her songs as she practices over and over in her room, in the backseat of the car, or at the dining room table. It’s sweet and beautiful and I never tire of her sometimes flat notes and off-pitch diligence. It’s music to my ears.

I find this slightly ironic since my Instagram got instajammed over the weekend with Joseph Altuzarra’s Amazing “Technicolor” Dream Coat, as editors from Vogue to the Manrepeller swooned over the acid colors and beauty of Joseph Altuzarra’s Fall/Winter 2014 coat of the season.

If fur isn’t your thing, check out the London based designs of Hannah Weiland’s Shrimps. Faux fur in electric colors and maybe as hi-fashion scrumptious as what Altuzarra was serving on Saturday.

I wonder if the Altuzarra would be ready for my daughter’s musical theatre debut if I put my order in now?…Waiter!

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