Lets Hear it for the Boys, I Mean Girls

airport bathroom, blankstareblink.comI was never a fan of the Spice Girls, but I’ve always been on board with Girl Power.

I had one of those “women rule the world” kind of days on Tuesday. It started when I entered the Ladie’s Room at the airport to find this set up.

Where were these luxurious bathroom stalls when I had to cram two toddlers in with me, trying to take care of business while one crawled all over the three-foot space as if it were a playground, the other desperately trying to break free from stroller jail? Only a woman could have the brains and thoughtfulness to retrofit the bathrooms in airports to help another gal out.

After my arrival in SF, Paula and I ventured into Susan, our favorite avant-garde fashion destination which is of course, female owned. I asked Matthew the shop guy, “Do you have any great skirts or gaucho pants?” He showed me a few good, but not great pieces until he screeched, “How did I forget about these?”and dangled before me a skirt/gaucho pant hybrid by Comme des Garçons, designed by Rei Kawakubo, a woman. She solved my desire for both a flowing skirt and a pair of gauchos in one, simple design. Genius.

After our quick shop, we headed to meet the ladies of MORE magazine, a completely undervalued resource for women who want substance, assistance, and inspiration. MORE’s publisher and Editor-in-Chief are both, of course, women.

So in a nutshell, we rule. It’s good to be on the winning team sometimes. Go Girl Power!

Comme des Garçons Gaucho Skirt, blankstareblink.com

(Sorry for the lousy pictures. It was 6:00am and I had just crawled out of bed and snapped these shots before waking the kids and getting them ready and off to school. The gaucho/skirt hybrid isn’t for everyone, but at least your interest had to be piqued on what exactly  a gaucho/skirt hybrid looks like, right? )

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