Milan Keeps it Fur Real

Fabulous furs from Milan Fashion Week.

Fabulous furs from Milan Fashion Week.

One of the many things Jslow and I have in common is our mutual love of fur.

We know this is a sensitive topic in the fashion world, one that is polarizing for good reason. Jslow and I both have pets and love animals. And yet…

We wear fur.

And while we fully support and wear vintage and faux more than the new (check out Shrimps for our current favorite faux fur line), we’ve been lusting after the constant flow of fur floating down the runways of Milan, and inspired by its creative uses beyond the coat.

Two collections pushed fur in interesting directions: rising star Massimo Giornetti’s MSGM and the Lagerfeld-led super-star, Fendi.


At MSGM, fur swallowed the hands, tickled the feet, warmed the hands and outlined satin floral coats.


At Fendi, tufts of fur clung to the body like leeches and perched on shoulders like parrots.

And of course, the ubiquitous fur coat was well represented and pushed big and bright.

The point being, if you are going to wear fur, may as well go all the way.

We’ve loved the collections from Milan, and can hardly wait for Paris. Fur sure.

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