My Aching Back (pack)

The load for just one day.

The load for just one day.

This week I found myself in the kitchen nestling into my husbands arms crying, “I’m so sick of homework.” His blunt response, “You won’t get a break until Christmas.” Tough love.

As mentioned by Paula, I’m now a full-time Freshman at an art school in Los Angeles. Totally my decision and deep down I know a wise one, but as my son said on the soccer field as we walked in the fading sun to my daughter’s game, “I just miss hanging out with you. Any free time you have is spent doing homework.” With a knife in my gut and his still–but not for long–smooshy hand in mine, I tried to explain and justify my pursuit of needing to do something I really, really love as a lesson to myself and to our family. The lesson—it’s never too late. But his honest feelings still hurt.

What hurts more are the course readers, binders and reference books I stuff into a long aged and holy American Apparel tote that goes over my shoulder. Add that weight to the portfolio, newsprint, bond paper, tackle box of supplies, and various other art necessities I need and lug daily to and from school. My extremities are beyond stretched, pulled and tired. I’ve needed a backpack since day one, August 28. As most freshman, I’m slow to do things or understand the consequence of not doing said things. My back needs a break as well as my brain. Which backpack do you think I should get? Spring semester is just around the corner and it’s time to get my act together. I think all-black says “serious art student.” Lucky for me the pricetags say, “not starving.” What do you think?

backpacksclockwise from top left: 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 hour backpack @, Whistles Veryity Large backpack @, Mansur Gavriel backpack @, Balenciaga Phileas backpack @, Rick Owens single strap backpack @, Rochas backpack @


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