My Uncommon Love of Socks

Good-bye Summer! Take your fog and smog and humidity and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Hello Fall. Bring me your sweaters, pumpkin lattes, candy corn and yarn-y scarves and swaddle me in warmth as I binge-watch House of Cards. Lay down that blanket of red and yellow leaves to soften my steps into the cold crush of the holidays. Clean my palate between the extremes of Summer and Winter.

Me in my Solemate socks from UncommonGoods. Jeans: Rag & Bone. Sweatshirt: Vintage, from local San Francisco shop The General Store.

Me in my Solemate mismatched socks from UncommonGoods. Jeans: Rag & Bone. Sweatshirt: Vintage, from local San Francisco Outer Sunset shop The General Store.

Enter the sock, my favorite fall fashion accessory and the best way to soften any steps. They’re critical as we transition from Birkenstocks to boots, and for protecting our bare feet from the cold floors inside.

A fantastic place to buy warm, fun and fashionable socks is UncommonGoods. It may not seem like the most obvious place to purchase apparel: For years I’ve bought pillows and plates and paper weights — whimsical and useful items for my home and office. But while cruising for coasters, I detoured over to Jewelry & Accessories and made the happy discovery.

As gifts, socks always have had that stigma — especially when we were kids and you ripped open that puffy present to find a six-pack of tube socks inside.

This was always met a fallen heart and the most insincere “thanks” I could muster.

Uncommongoods men's "Shoe Socks" for a "meeting with the TV" or run around the house!

Uncommongoods men’s “Shoe Socks” for a “meeting with the TV” or run around the house!

But nowadays, like everything else, socks offer style real estate, and are often on full display peeking out of ankle-grazing cropped jeans, or protecting our toes in chunky sandals  (yes, socks and sandals are a thing.) So the humble sock, low down on the body and apparel priority list, affect our looks higher up – and best of all, affect our moods. Check out the socks above – I love my mismatched pair, such a great idea as we all have a draw full of orphans. My husband cracked up when I presented him with his business-casual loafer and sneaker shoe-socks. Since we don’t wear shoes in the house, these get a pass.

UncommonGoods also sells a full array of baby and kids’ socks, as well as other great gifts which can be found here. I happen to love the Shark Socks at left, which thankfully come in adult sizes too. It’s like your whole foot is being swallowed by jaws. Scary, perhaps, but scary fun.

So as Fall gives ways to the Pauladays (my birthday is 2 days after Christmas, thus the moniker), I can always use some *hint* socks. And the added bonus? They aren’t scary expensive. For more gift ideas for me and other wives, moms, sisters and friends, click here. And for dads, lads and the occasional cad, go here for fun and functional things sure to score major points.

PS: We’re STILL working on our new blog redesign, which has taken way longer than we anticipated. In a way, it’s been a good thing, as sometimes it’s nice to take time off, step away, and come back renewed and fresh. In any event, please excuse the messy design and our much longer than anticipated absence. We are hoping to be back up on our regular schedule in a few weeks. Thanks for your patience. We miss all of you! xo

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    Love those shoe socks! Want, want, want!!! And I must say, I love your hair and the socks in the first picture as well. You know, I never really think of socks when I shop or plan my Stylish Look of the Day (probably because I live in boots during the cooler weather season). But you’ve inspired me to rethink this!

    That said, I DO have a pair of socks with a martini motif. They really got noticed at a faculty retreat a number of years ago (during what amounts to an all-day faculty meeting, the shoes are bound to come off at some point).

  2. Paula Mangin

    Hi Petra:

    So glad you liked the socks and hair combo! And yeah, those shoe socks just kill me.
    As for your socks being hidden in boots during the cooler months, I’ve always loved longer socks pulled up above the boot shaft. Or legwarmers, even. Longer socks can turns boots into a thigh-high situation; shorter socks peaking a few inches over the top of boots can look super woodsy/cute. So many ways to rock a sock.
    Thanks for writing! Our new blog design will be relaunched in a few weeks; stay tuned for us to return to our 3x/week blogging schedule. xoxo

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