girls 1Do you guys watch and/or like Girls on HBO?

The lingering shots of Hannah’s lumpy tatted naked body have evolved from shocking to gross to annoying to just boring. Shosh’s screeching scares my cats. I’ve stopped caring about whether Jessa gets clean. I want to punch Marnie.

I love this show.

It’s not written for “us” – women over 40.  Sex & The City was. At least back then. It didn’t matter that SATC was an urban fairy tale where Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte lived on Cosmos and Cupcakes (from the Magnolia Bakery), stashed their stilettos in giant apartments and banged hot guys — we could somehow relate to at least part of one of the characters.

But we’re too old to relate to the girls of Girls who slum across the bridge in Greenpoint and equally scruffy/cool Brooklyn locales, have no need for Samantha’s PR services as they can go right to Instagram and YouTube, and have swapped Toms for Vuittons. It’s not just the story-lines and life choices, it’s the life stage. It’s gone forever.

MaryHartmanDVDAnd then this happened: Cut to Louise Lasser, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (!!!) in a wheel chair in Soojin’s art gallery portraying a photographer/artist, who said this to Marnie: “Getting old is the pits. I hate watching television, because all the old women on it are shells, and it just hurts to be a shell.”


I wrote about feeling invisible last year here, and seeing this sentiment shared on TV, let alone a TV show centered on women who have many very visible years ahead before they fade into nothing, well, let’s just say I went to bed depressed.

But as they say, Life Goes On I just HAD to work that reference when Elijah, upon meeting Patti LuPone, squealed how excited he was to meet Corky’s mom. Not sure if the obscure 80s’s TV show references are comforting or just rub salt in the old wound.

Remember the good-old days of SACT when we all could relate, at least in our dreams, to one of the characters (I’m a Carrie!) and it made us feel so good? Well, this morning, after a good night’s sleep, I’m trying to seek solace in the fact that I can’t relate to any of the awful and annoying characters in Girls and that that’s okay. And anyway, no one looks good in Hannah’s short shorts and rompers at any age.

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