Sparkle During The Holidays

Me in my Ashish sequin sweat pants purchased on ebay, post Holiday Poker Party.

Me in my Ashish sequin sweat pants purchased on ebay, post Holiday Poker Party.

The holidays pose many style challenges. For one thing, we’re usually crazy busy, stressed and bloated from all of those mixed nuts, red and green M&Ms, creamy cocktails and Christmas cookies. Pretty hard to feel pretty when your pants pinch and your blouse binds.

One of my many presents to myself (I was good this year) was the above pair of Ashish sequin sweatpants I scored on ebay for a tenth of what retailed for. When pulled them out of the packaging and up my legs, I realized I had fashion gold on my hands as they just happen to be the perfect party pants. To wit, they are:

  • Festive as F#$%^&*(K
  • Stretchy and soft
  • Big and slouchy
  • Forgiving of all lumps and bumps
  • Versatile
  • Oddly flattering


Remember when the very word “sansabelt” cracked you up? When the elastic- waist category of clothing was relegated to late night QVC or Sunday Parade ads, usually adjacent to giant underpants and/or the The Clapper? (Clap on! Clap off.)

Enter sweatpants as fashion. Over the past few years, they are everywhere as a jeans/legging alternative, typically paired with heels. As per my last post on wearing things the wrong way on purpose, I’ve long been a proponent of sweats as pants (thus the name, I suppose). Paired with a tank and sandals or boots, I’ve shopped, snacked, danced and done meetings in them.

And when you up the ante with sequins, well, you have comfy/trouser/party nirvana. So ladies, go forth, have that extra egg nog and sparkle.

sequined pants christmas style

Sequin pants, from left to right: MICHAEL Michael Kors houndstooth track pants, Nordstrom, Sam Edeleman sequin pants, Nordstrom, Givenchy pants, Farfetch, French Connection green sequin pants, Selfridges, Ashish sequin and fringe pants, Luisaviaroma, Guess sequin pants, Macy*s.

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