Warby Parker’s Beacon Until Dawn

beacon-imageYoung, blithe and budgeted marked our time spent in our teens and twenties. We bargain hunted seaside boardwalks, thrift stores and the mall for treasured items that announced “I am.” The cheaper and more lurid the better to underscore and over-share our nonchalance.

Wistful are the days of youth. But perspective is a benefit of aging to be appreciated.

As time passes, budgets grow if the plan goes as planned. Our “I am’s” become more expensive, shouting our sense of arrival. I am here and I am succeeding.

We gain more perspective as birthdays are celebrated: Your own, your mom’s, your child’s, your spouse’s, your friend’s, your pet’s.

The I want more of our youth is replaced by I want to do more for others. In the age of mass consumerism and fast fashion, no longer are the deals on the boardwalk or in the malls attractive. To give back is the new consumerism; consignment, Vivienne Westwood and Warby Parker the new models.

The new I wants are the limited-edition Beacon Collection from Warby Parker. For every pair of Warby Parker glasses bought, one is given to a community in need.

The images from this collection shown above portray today’s youth living our now long ago lives from dusk ’til dawn, full of spontaneity and disregard, with a better perspective, as perched in front of their eyes are frames from a company that know the value of altruism. This generation likes the way this new consumerism looks, especially on their faces.

So what if our days are spent between the non-sexy hours of 6am until 6pm making the world go round. Let’s leave the night shift to the ones with the stamina to keep this ship sailing.

Pool Time, warbyparker.com4:47pm – Pool time with the kids and Ingram Sunglasses from the Beacon Collection.

Paula_Garret 11:22 am – Clown-sized Garrett readers custom made by Paula. All the better to read Betty Crocker.

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