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I married into a family of very good and very creative writers. The gene is so strong that these writers actually make a living doing their craft which affords them homes, vacations and to-die-for accessories. This says a lot since many writers can’t pay their bills and must manage multiple jobs to sustain their love of toiling in front of a keyboard.

I’m not a writer, but I respect the craft and daydream of cobbling together a colorful novel someday, even though, today, a novel does not live inside me. This is why I feel like a cheat and a loser for admitting that I’ve single-handedly reduced the ranks of television writers by happily gorging on Reality Television, especially anything on Bravo. I’ve watched all seasons and casts of the Real Housewives and continue to watch, on constant replay, the five seasons of “The Rachel Zoe Project.”

Beyond the racks and stacks of clothes, piles of shoes, fittings and behind-the-scenes access to celebrity and editorial styling, I’ve loved the drama of “The Rachel Zoe Project” that developed beyond the styling. First it was Rachel vs. Taylor, then Rachel vs. Brad. These fall-outs painted a different picture of Rachel’s vision and moved us away from the fun world of fashion and into the sometimes un-fun world of running a business. It made me wonder who Rachel really was.

On Wednesday I got to go behind the scenes of Rachel Zoe, Inc., tour the offices, and attend an intimate cocktail party of 40, which included Rachel and Rodger, to celebrate the redesign of the now three-year-old The Zoe Report, a daily e-newsletter featuring all things RZ approved.

Welcomed by big, happy, cheek-hurting smiles, I was pleasantly surprised by the RZ team that genuinely and authentically loved their jobs. The two-story offices on Melrose Avenue, across from Alexander McQueen (an RZ favorite), were full of frenetic yet focused energy, buzzing about all things fashion and style. It was intoxicating.

Rachel’s career is still firmly rooted in celebrity and editorial styling, but it led her to “The Rachel Zoe Project,” and now her beloved  “Rachel Zoe Collection” and “The Zoe Report.”

It’s clear that Rachel and Rodger are building a fashion empire, and their army is looking fierce.

Sitting on my couch at home, it’s easy to make snap judgments and be influenced by storyline and show editors. But peeking behind the TV screen and connecting on a personal level, I find her vision admirable, her tenacity inspiring.

Rachel and Rodger’s love for what they do is spellbinding, and their love for each other is pretty spectacular. They were quick to laugh—mostly at themselves—look everyone in the eye and talk miles beyond “Are those CL’s you’re wearing?”

As most anyone who’s had a job knows, happiness comes from the top down in any company, which makes me think Rachel’s next project should be designing a Trojan Horse minaudière to complete her takeover. And hidden inside would be a killer smile.

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