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Levi's SilverTab campaign 1999San Francisco has always held a special place in my heart. I went to college in that beautiful city and before that mooched rides from my lonely suburb to get to clubs on Broadway to watch punk bands play as an underage-but- with-I.D.-high-schooler thanks to my sister who is six years older than me.

San Francisco is a remarkable place.

With San Francisco comes Levi’s. A brand that I hold and wear dear. I sported my mom’s old Levi’s from her high school days in the ’50s during my own high school years in the ’80s. Worked on the Levi’s account as an Art Director at Chiat/Day in my ’20s. And watched the Levi’s flagship store in Union Square, as it was built, get wrapped in the SilverTab campaign I helped to create.

So it is with great anticipation that I wait to order the Mom Jeans Levi’s has created in collaboration with Net-a-Porter.com. They’re called The Levi’s 501 CT: The CT stands for “customized and tapered”. This denim line features three different washes and improves upon everything we already love about the original cut. Seems we all were tapering our jeans anyway, so Net-A-Porter and Levi’s decided to save us the hassle. And with it’s higher waistline, we can all enjoy a break from the muffin top. They can be worn three ways depending on your personal style: true-to-sized for a normal fit, down-sized for a slim-flattering fit, or up-sized for a more relaxed off-duty outcome.

I’m liking this new direction for Levi’s. I hope the innovation keeps coming with collaborations in their future. It’s about time and it’s certainly in fashion.

The Levi's 501CT

The Levi’s 501 CT jean from light to dark wash. Please note that they’re pricier than your normal Levi’s, but if you wear them everyday like I will, they’re worth it. Available here from Net-A-Porter. And for a much more reasonable priced version and broader range of these Levi’s CT 501 jeans direct from Levi’s, click here. You’re welcome!

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