Pigs Fly in Paris

Zoolander x Valentino

(Derek and Hansel have a walk-off at Valentino)

“You miss my what?”

My joie de vivre?

Funny, I didn’t even know I had joie de vivre to lose. And now that I didn’t have it anymore, I was reminded of my special parts that I overlook, forget about, or take for granted. That’s what friends are for. To remind us we had joie de vivre in the first place and that we need to get it back.

On good days I do have a zest for life and for expressing myself through fashion. But a month of having my face rubbed in beauty I can’t afford on the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris can really bring a girl down. Talk about kid in the candy store syndrome.

So thank you, Valentino, for putting a smile back on my face. Who knew they had it them to nudge a smile out of both me and Anna Wintour!

It was on their runway where Fashion became fun again. The red carpet became blue – as in Blue Steel, for Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson closed his show to announce that Zoolander is back!

Most of us can’t afford anything from Valentino, but we can afford to treat ourselves to Zoolander 2 when it hits the runway. I mean big screen.

After a month of serious fashion and my missing zest for anything, I’m thankful for Valentino and the Zoolander lads for bringing the fun back with more joie de vivre than anybody. And making Anna smile. There go the pigs!

Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil

(Anna Wintour smiling.)


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