Pope Style

Since I work at home and either have MSNBC or Bravo blaring in the background, I’ve been glued to all things Pope.










Even Brian Williams is back to guide us through every twist and turn of the Pope’s first ever U.S trip, where he spoke to Congress, and before his public appearance to thousands on the Capital lawn, declined lunch with Boehner, Pelosi and McConnell to dine with the homeless.

I must point out that although I was raised a Catholic and all that entails: Catechism (seriously, Saturday morning during cartoons?), Holy Communion, and Confirmation, I’ve never set foot in a church since, other than for weddings.

Not to piss off any Catholics, but between it’s message of guilt and intolerance, yet it’s own tolerance and covering up of widespread sexual abuse, let’s just say it’s not my thing.

But this Pope. His message of helping the poor. Helping the planet through his belief that climate change is real. Helping immigrants. Helping rid the world of guns. Helping us all find common ground and help each other. Helping us love one another. This pope is dope.

I don’t much like John Boehner, Speaker of the House. Watching him on the verge of tears during the Pope’s Congressional address was painful. But he resigned today, and I can’t help but think he was so moved by the Pope’s message of love and tolerance that it made him sick – sick at what Congress has become with all of the fighting and anger towards immigrants, gays, the planet and the anti-guns, and that he was done. Can’t we all be done?

Ironically enough, Milan Fashion week is winding down, and although Prada and Gucci sent the most beautiful clothing down the runway, the most fashionable thing coming out of Italy right now is the Pope. Get inspired.

Pope style pope fashion

1. Acne Studios Boyce cotton shirt dress, My Theresa. 2. Joseph belted wrap dress, Farfetch. 3. Diane Von Furstenberg white wrap dress with lace, Stylebop.

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