Style Snack or Fashion Meal?

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Last Tuesday, work was so nuts that I didn’t eat anything all day save for a sleeve of Clif Shot Blocks and a handful of grape Laffy Taffy.

When I finally made it up to the kitchen fatigued and famished (I work downstairs in my home office, or “plant” as I like to call it as an homage to Homer Simpson) I hungrily flung open the food cabinets and fridge to rifle through my options. I ended up shoveling in Pretzel Crisps, half a box of stale Chicken In A Biscuits, circus peanuts, actual peanuts, and four fork-fulls of peanut butter. While standing at the counter.

Was I satisfied? Not really.

For the same amount of calories, I could have sat down to a nice warm bowl of pasta bolognese and a glass of cabernet. I’d feel full and nourished and satisfied.

What does this have to do with fashion you ask?


I start every month with a set budget for clothes. And what usually ends up happening? Instead of being disciplined and buying one or two really great pieces that I can wear over and over and will last forever, I style “snack” – being lured by the sale shoes here, the way-less-expensive-and-not-what-I-really-want-version-of-the-swing-coat there, until I’ve consumed a lot empty ensemble calories that end up bloating my closet and serving little to no nutritional fashion value.

I always feel a little sick afterward. And guilty. And mad at myself for not really slowing down and enjoying a balanced fashion meal.

The next time you have some money set aside for shopping, instead of stuffing your bag with small bites that may provide instant gratification but leave you still wanting more, find that one special, filling fashion find and savor every minute with it for years to come. You and your closet will be so much healthier. And happy.

Bon Appetit!

junk food fashion

1. Chiara Ferragni hamburger espadrilles, Revolve Clothing. 2. Hot dog ring by Glenda Lopez, 3. Chiara Ferragni Hotdog and shake sneakers, 4. Red Velvet cupcake necklace, Etsy. 5. Chiara Ferragni popcorn + cola sequin espadrilles, Luisaviaroma. 6. Markus Lupfer sequin fries sweater, Oxygen Boutique.


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