The Great Tankini

hotel saguaro, palm springs

While Jslow spent her Spring Break in Martin Margiela and mountains of cereal, I spent mine in Palm Springs at the Hotel Saguaro with my “Poker Group”, celebrating the finalization of a divorce for one of our members. Never a great hand to be dealt, but she played it with equal parts class and balls.

We lived at the pool. I must point out that for me, there is not much that can beat a pool and all pool-related activities. This may include one, most, or all of these “air qoute” activities “air quote” happening simultaneously:

  1. Lying down
  2. Lying down, reading tabloids
  3. Lying down, sipping a tropical cocktail, preferably one containing an umbrella and a chunk of fruit (so it eats like a meal)
  4. Lying down, gossiping
  5. Lying down, people watching
  6. Lying down, closer to the pool, 1+ limbs in the pool
  7. Lying down, sleeping

Ah, the people watching. There were bachelors, bachelorettes, Spring Breakers, all young and beautiful, selfie-sticks projecting from that perfect gene-pool like antennas, signaling and sending hotness around the world through every social outlet. Not yet married, not yet divorced. The opposite of us.

Newly divorced friend's makeup bag.

Newly divorced friend’s makeup bag.

There were miles and miles of smooth skin. Behind our super-sized sunglasses, we leered in awe. None of us remember ever owning such elegant epidermis. Had we owned/remembered, we should have pranced around like pageant contestants. I don’t recall such prancing.

That said, it’s just nice to be here, today, and just not care that much. We’ve all worked it out: what swimwear works the best, what cover-ups cover up what needs to be covered. And what we all wore, in different styles and shapes and sizes and colors, was the mighty tankini, the best thing to happen to the two-piece since the one-piece.

You can lunch and hunch and keep that gut corralled.You can also flip it up when you’re lying down to let that delicious sun tickle your tummy. Sun sans cigarettes is about as dangerous as I get these days.

So lovely MB, our dear friend and poker buddy who’s divorce inspired this trip, we love you.

Everybody into the pool! xo

best tankinis

1. Stella Jean Haitian print tankini, Browns. 2. Carve Designs tankini, TitleNine. 3. Dotty tankini, Jcrew. 4. Freya watermellon tankini, HouseofFraser. 5. Seafolly Kabuki tankini, Houseoffraser.


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