These Jeans Lift Your Butt and Your Spirits

I’m pretty sure that the 2nd most traumatic thing to shop for, behind the dreaded swimsuit, is a pair of jeans.

As horrifying as swimwear is to struggle into over underpants and under fluorescent lights, at least this terrifying trip to the dressing room precedes a vacation trip to a beach and/or pool and sun. Horror shifts to happy pretty quick, no matter how bad we think we look, when tropical drinks with umbrellas are involved.

Jeans, however, are a different story. They’re an integral part of every aspect of our lives, not just the vacation part: we shop, walk, run, wrangle, eat, clean, work, worry, play, plan, party, rest, cry, crash, rule, jump, fall and do everything else in them. Jeans may as well be our second skin.

But at least our skin, for better or worse, fits. Jeans? Not so much.

And there are so many factors that determine that magical combination of cut, color, wash, length and Lycra (truckloads, please!) that best corral and flatter our bits and blobs, hopefully molding it into a work of art (okay, maybe abstract art, but still.)

That elusive, perfect fitting pair of jeans is worth everything. I don’t need to tell you why, but I will anyway:

  • They make you feel skinny
  • They make you feel sexy
  • They make you feel happy
  • They make you feel comfortable
  • They make you feel put together
  • They make you feel confident
  • They make you feel strong
  • They make you feel good

Luckily, we recently discovered a brand of jeans that is all about that perfect fit, and how great that perfect fit makes us feel: NYDJ jeans. I love what they say about their happy pants:

“For every woman who has ever sacrificed comfort for style…or style for comfort. For every woman who has ever stood in the harsh light of a dressing room and made a wish. And for every woman who has ever tried on five outfits before leaving the house. For you, we created NYDJ. That’s because the right pair of jeans can transform not only how you look – they can change how you feel.”

 So true.

NYDJ jeans anatomy of a slimming fit

They are made using premium denim with that “just right” amount of stretch, resulting in comfortable jeans that don’t bag between washings. They’ve even patented their “Lift Tuck Technology®,” which provides gentle control in the front while lifting and shaping your (sometimes out of control) rear. This transforming tucking technology is present across all of the NYDJ products. Just when you think all technology is used for new versions of Candy Crush or to further tether us to our jobs and/or other unpleasant intrusions, this technology is used to help us fit into a pair of jeans. Genius.

You want super skinny jeans? Check. Cropped jeans? Check. Jean leggings? Check. Womens jean shorts? Check. Trouser, wide-legged or white jeans? Check, check and check.

NYDJ jeans styles

So check them out. The most traumatic thing about trying NYDJ jeans on will be figuring out which style to get.

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    I don’t know Paula, I’m still a jeans purist at heart. There is no better jean than a vintage Levis 501 Big E that isn’t too tight, too loose, and just beautifully weathered. Worth the hunt. Once you find the right pair, that’ll be it. Also, I have taken to wearing a men’s drop crotch style by Ganryu Comme des Garcons. Not for everyone, but look so edgy, especially with ajust a t shirt & a pair of platforms. Guess who carries them? Dover Street Market! And we do need to meet up there when you’re back in NYC!

    1. Paula

      Ha, you have such amazing taste! I also love old Levi’s, the bigger the better. I do have, though, so many friends who just won’t go there because they feel they make them look “bigger”.So am always on the hunt for jeans that can be universally flattering, even if they aren’t as edgy as I normally wear.

      I will hunt for the men’s CDGs on ebay…I’ll let you know how I do.



    Oh, damn, I wish the flared jeans would come back again (not that I’m going to stop wearing them–they make me look fabulous!) That said, I’ll have to check these out. I wonder how they fit on curvier figures (I have a small waist compared to my hips, so I’d always preferred the lower rise jeans, as I don’t get that kangaroo pouch at the waist just to accommodate my hips/thighs).

    Jeans, yeah, not a fun thing to shop for!

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