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What a Supreme Week!

John pinocci wedding city hall gay marriage paula manginI’m typing this through tears. Relieved tears. “It’s-about-time” tears. Happy tears.

The right for gays to marry was made legal today by a conservative leaning Supreme Court and my planned post about the perfect pleated skirt seemed tone deaf.

I immediately hit Facebook, and was greeted by a stream of joyous status updates from my gay and straight friends alike. My dear friend John (since 5th grade!), posted the above photo of his February City Hall wedding to his partner of 27 years, Bill. That’s me, their witness, beaming at the happy couple. I’m beaming now, to them, and everyone else who has waiting this long for their right to be made right.

Not only is equal love now the law of the land, but the right to healthcare for all remains intact, surviving (we hope) the last attack. Oh yeah. That happened. Thursday. The Supreme Court has been busy blowing my mind.

Love. In sickness and health. Gay Rights and Universal Healthcare. I do!

I think a lot about life, too much sometimes. I worry about humanity and why people refuse to believe in science (global warming), things that kill people (guns), against things that help people (healthcare, affordable housing, living wages) and against such a positive thing as love (the right for gays to marry.)

Today, I’m thinking wow, what a happy day, what a good day.

And tomorrow? I can’t imagine how crazy Gay Pride will be. And me? I’m flying to Las Vegas for John and Bill’s celebratory dinner marking the occasion of their marriage. The wedding they had to fly to San Francisco for since it was illegal in Nevada.

Not anymore.



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