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scenes from London

After our stop in New York and still feeling giddy from cawing like an old crow through fondue dinner, we made our way to London for a few days after exhausting ourselves in New York.

All that sunshine in Los Angeles had us pining for cold. Any kind of cold we could immerse ourselves in. We wanted cold so badly we went to two places to get it. Thank You, Winter.

Landing before the strike of 2015, we toasted to a New Year while eating Indian, a club pulsing through the floor beneath us, patrons getting kicked out for throwing drinks. It was blissful as we left, fireworks sending off 2014 as we walked on cobblestones.

While food and culture are always on our list of to-do’s, that list has been expanded to include a decadent day of shopping. My pouting routine in the Charles de Gaulle airport after the shopless Paris Anniversary a few years back was a lesson to my entire family that seeking local fashion is non-negotiable.

And this time, it happened. Saddened by the uber sale, picked over, swarming Liberty of London, we cabbed it over to Brown’s. Again, more merchandise marked down, nothing special. Our moods descending while ascending a small staircase, my husband and I found nirvana on a little half-floor. Screaming my name, a small rack of carefully curated Osman garments said, “Good Day.” The first piece I tried on had me at me god smacked. British born, Osman Yousefzada, of Turkish descent, studied at Central St. Martins and continues to live and work in London. When in London, buy local. So we did. A stunning cape – coat dress. It was my Christmas gift with a proper British designer bow, Nicholas Kirkwood heels tied on top. Do you see the giant hidden pearl tucked into the arch? Such a sweet surprise

I’m chuffed to bits, I just might crease up.

Osman Cape Dress

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