The Brexit is not Fashionable

I stay up pretty late these days, ever since I started re-watching “Entourage” with my husband who missed it the first time it aired. We typically watch 2 – 3 episodes before I go to bed, which somehow has the effect of drinking a giant cup of coffee. We’re up to season 4.

Last night, when I clicked out of On Demand and over to MSNBC, big bold fonts screamed from the ticker crawl that the Brexit had passed and the UK was leaving the European Union. The anchors seemed genuinely shocked and freaked out behind the veneer of calm. James Cameron, their Prime Minister, solemnly said something about the people having spoken, and that he would step down. I texted a Brit who said he was “gobsmacked.”

This morning, London is in chaos, the world markets are tanking, and my Facebook feed is clogged with UK friends’ posts and shares of sadness, confusion, anger and uncertainty. I know there are differing opinions. The “leavers” were mainly over 40, the “remainers” much under. The leavers had given up hope. The “remainers” had hope to spare. The leavers were tired of sharing money and power with their European neighbors, and really tired of sharing their land and resources with immigrants. The remainers weren’t. The leavers are the past, the remainers the future. And now the future of the remainers has been thrown into turmoil.

I’ve been lucky to have been to London a few times and love it there. I could spend a full day in Liberty of London alone. I love a good Brit.

I really hope that everything is going to be okay.

Until then, London, you wonderful country, good luck.

Brexit style


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