We are Blank Stare, Blink. Two wives, mothers, sisters, daughters of coaches, products of public schools and suburban homes, women of a certain age who blog about our lives as lovers of fashion and style, and haters of anyone or anything that stands in our way of feeling good about who we truly are, which these days happens to be Father Time – to whom we give the finger!

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I am Jennifer. Mother of two, wife of one. I've been an Advertising Art Director, Handbag Designer and Wardrobe Stylist. Lover of feminine looks with an edge. Spikes and heels. Desserts and Wine. I like a good joke, telling one or two or three. Bright lips, twinkling eyes and a good night's sleep are priorities. I am always seeking the answer to What's next?
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I am Paula. Mother of two (cats), wife of one. I co-own a small advertising media consultancy, do fashion illustrations and hold the world record for drawing Fred Flinstone faster than anyone. Lover of rocker looks with a twist and cutting the knees out of everything. I like Iyengar yoga and kicking up into handstands, traversing San Francisco while listening to old-school hip hop through giant green headphones, and baking pies.
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